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Steel Strapping Manufacturer
Midfield undertakes complete packaging solutions at customer’s place.

Offers complete survey, field engineering with regard to identifying the appropriate, economical and competitive packaging solutions for the customers, based on which, Midfield designs and develop the most suitable packaging system for the Customer. Under Operation Contracts, Midfield undertake the customer’s total packaging activities under own responsibility and provide the services with Men, Material, Equipments and Resources for total packaging needs of customers. Since the major activity of packaging is Midfield's responsibility, this enables customer to focus more on their core business.

We do provide after-sales-service for all of our Packaging tools and Machines.

  • After Sales Services
  • Turn-key packaging contracts
  • Packaging Equipment Maintenance
  • Study existing packaging and recommend the best system
  • Technical and engineering resources for on going packaging needs
  • Designing optimum protective packaging systems

Steel Strapping Manufacturer & exporter

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