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General Use, High Tension

MTH- Multi Purpose 


Manual Tensioner

Midfield hand tensioners allow operators to bring strap to desired tension with minimal interruption and strap waste. Basic types of tensioners for steel strapping: the feed-wheel type and the rock-and-pinion type. Each type of tensioner fulfills specific packaging needs.

Feed Wheeltype
- For general use. Fast and easy to use, the feed wheel tensioner has a serratted feed wheel that firmly engages the strapping. There is no limit to the amount of slack it can pull out of the strap. It requires the use of painted & waxed strapping and is designed for use on flat surfaces.


Description Mech. Strap Size
Strap Type
Strap Finish Weight
      Width Thickness  
lb Kg
MST Feedwheel Type 12 3/8–3/4 9.5–19.0 0.017–0.023 0.43–0.58 Supreme, mega supreme Painted & Waxed 4 1.8
MT Manual Tensioner 18 5/8–3/4 15.9–19.0 0.017–0.025 0.43–0.64 Supreme, mega supreme Painted & Waxed 5 2.3
M-34 114 Manual Tensioner 25 3/4–1-1/4 19.0–31.8 0.017–0.035 0.43–0.89 Supreme, mega supreme Painted & Waxed 7 3.2

Midfield Steel Strapping Systems

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