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Ribbon Wound
Steel Strapping
Ribbon wound:
Each layer of strap is wound directly one above the other so that the width of the strapping is the width of the coil.
Steel Strapping facilities of Midfield Industries are ISO-9001 certified. Supreme Grade High Tensile Steel Strapping

* We can produce 250/500 kgs. Jumbo Coils for automatic machines as per
customer requirement

Chemical Composition for Supreme & Mega Supreme Steel Strap:
Supreme grade
Mega Supreme grade
0.45% max
1.60% max
0.05% max
0.04% max
0.05% max
0.05% max
0.05% max
0.05% Max
0.30% max
0.35% Max
Mechanical Properties:

Mega Supreme
Tensile strength
70-85 Kgs/mm2
90-120 Kgs/mm2
0-3% over 150mm
12.7mm Max on 2.40 mts
12.7mm Max on 2.40 mts
30 de max on 2.40mts
30 de max on 2.40mts

Properties Of Supreme & Mega Supreme Steel strap :

Surface Treatment :

  • Paint : Painted in standard brown/ Black color / Zinc coated
  • Paint thickness: 1.3 micro minimum
  • Lubricant: Wax coated

The strapping is painted and Wax lubricant for ideal corrosion resistance and to improve tension transmission around all corners of the package

Coil Specificatin :
Ribbon wound for sizes 31.75mm & 19.05 mm width
Mill wound for sizes 19.05mm , 15.88mm, 12.70mm width
Coil Weight 45 to 55 Kgs
I.D 400 / 406 mm
O.D 550 to 670 mm
Jumbo Coils 225Kgs in Wt.
Supreme Jumbo Coils 450 Kgs in Wt

Stap size
Average Strength Yield Coil
Width Thichness Winding Weight Finish
Inch mm Inch mm lbs N ft/lb Mkg

3/8 9.5 .017" 0.43 975 4340 46.1 31 Mill 105 Painted & Waxed
1/2 12.7 .017" 0.43 1275 5670 34.6 23.3 Mill 105 Painted & Waxed
.020" 0.51 1475 6560 29.4 19.8 Mill 105 Painted & Waxed
.020" 0.51 1475 6560 29.4 19.8 Mill 105 Painted & Waxed
5/8 15.9 .017" 0.43 1625 7230 27.7 18.6 Mill 105 Painted & Waxed
.020" 0.51 1825 8120 23.6 15.9 Mill 105 Painted & Waxed
3/4 19 .017" 0.43 1900 8450 23.1 15.5 Mill 105 Painted & Waxed
.020" 0.51 2150 9560 19.6 13.2 Mill 105 Painted & Waxed

Standard strap finish/Steel
Sizes from: 3/8" x 0.017" to 2" x 0.004"(9.5x0.43 mm to
50.8 x 1.12mm)

For uncompromising quality and packaging
Consistent high quality makes Midfield steel strapping the first choice
among packaging professionals worldwide. Purchasing professionals also prefer Midfield strapping because it is made to the most tolerances, so it goes further and stretches their strapping dollars.

Types, sizes and finishes for all demanding applications
Midfield offers two basic types of steel strapping: Supreme Grade and Mega Supreme Grade. Each is specially formulated to meet the demands of particular range of applications for each strapping type, there is a selection of sizes and finishes, which matches the specific requirements of those applications.

Supreme Grade Steel strapping
A cold-rolled, medium carbon steel strapping. Manufactured with superior edge conditioning and coating.

Mega Supreme High Tensile Steel Strapping
A cold-rolled, medium carbon steel strapping. Heat-treated with a Midfield process that combines fine surface and controlled physical properties with high strength and excellent shock resistance.

Standard strap finishes
Midfield produces three different steel strapping finishes. Each is tailored to the requirements of particular tensioning methods, sealing devices, and packaging applications.

To offer corrosion resistance. Available in Mega Supreme strapping sizes, it is used in crimp-type seal systems to produce high joint strength.

Painted and waxed
Painted and waxed strapping also provides corrosion resistance. Available in all Supreme Grade and Mega Supreme strap sizes, it can be used in notch or crimp-type seal systems. Primary advantage is improved tension transmission around load corners. Waxed strapping is required for feed wheel-type tensioners.

Zinc painted and waxed
Zinc finish strapping is waxed and has zinc enriched coating to provide outstanding resistance to rust. Available in a variety of Supreme and Mega Supreme sizes, it has the same improved tension transmission characteristics as the painted and waxed strapping. Zinc finish protects where it is needed most— at points of surface damage and scratches.

Steel strap packaging Coil winding
Midfield strapping is produced in two basic coil windings: Mill wound & Ribbon wound.

Standard strap finish/Steel
Sizes from: 3/8" x 0.017" to 2" x 0.004"(9.5x0.43 mm to 50.8 x 1.12mm)

Mill wound
The strapping is oscillated uniformly and tightly across the 2-1/2" (63.5 mm) width of the coil.

Ribbon wound
Each layer of strap is wound directly one above the other so that the width of the strapping is the width of the coil.

Coil sizes inside diameter: 16" (406.4 mm)
Outside diameter: Mill wound coils measure 23" (584.2 mm). Ribbon wound coils vary from 23-1/2" to 27" (596.9 mm to 685.8 mm) depending on strap size.

Standard multi-coil skids
Twelve numbers of mill wound coils make up a standard skid. The number of ribbon wound coils will vary depending on the width of the strapping.

Large coils
1-1/4" x 0.031" (31.8 x 0.79 mm) painted and waxed Magnus is available in a 480 pound coil. Other supreme grade or Mega Supreme sizes can be produced in 450 pound or larger coils on a special manufacture basis. Contact your Midfield sales representative for details.

Special, single coil packages
A number of strap sizes are available in 300 ft. (91.4 m) lengths. For flexibility and portability, the container itself serves as the dispenser. See chart below for available sizes.

Strap type Strap Size Approximate Weight/Coil
Inch mm lbs Kg
Supreme 1/2 x 0.017 12.7 x 0.43 9 4
Supreme 5/8 x 0.017 15.9 x 0.43 11 5
Supreme 3/4 x 0.017 19.0 x 0.43 13 5.9
Supreme Anchor 19.0 x 0.43 13 5.9
Mega Supreme 1/2 x 0.020 12.7 x 0.51 10.2 4.6
Mega Supreme 5/8 x 0.020 15.9 x 0.51 13.6 6.2
Mega Supreme 3/4 x 0.025 19.0 x 0.64 20.1 9.1
Mega Supreme 3/4 x 0.031 19.0 x 0.79 24.7 11.2

Coil weight Weights listed below are for one coil of strapping 3/8"–3/4" (9.5–19.0 mm) Mill wound 105 lbs
(47.3 kg) 3/8" (9.5 mm) Curved edge 100 lbs (45 kg)
3/4" (19.0) Ribbon wound 75 lbs (33.8 kg)
1-1/4" (31.8 mm) Ribbon wound 120 lbs (54 kg)
2" (50.8 mm) Ribbon wound 120 lbs (54 kg)

Steel/Strap options

Punched strapping
Many Supreme and Mega Supreme sizes may be ordered pre-punched. Punched holes can be ordered in several sizes with a choice of hole centers. Punched Supreme strapping has in-line holes only. Mega Supreme may be either in-line or staggered. Punched strapping is used in a variety of applications, including repairing pallets and cross-bracing mobile homes.

Curved edge strapping
Slightly curved, supreme strap edges “smooth” themselves into the package, thus avoiding any likelihood of snagging. Curved edge strapping is commonly used to bind the ends of large paper rolls. Standard Supreme strap sizes include 3/8" x 0.017" and 3/8" x 0.020" (9.5mm x 0.43mm and 9.5mm x 0.51mm).

Steel Strapping Systems

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