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Supreme & Mega Supreme Steel S
Supreme and Mega Supreme are two grades of steel strappings. Supreme is made of low carbon, low manganese cold rolled steel, where as Mega Supreme is made of medium carbon,high-manganese cold rolled steel.
Supreme is designed for low duty packaging applications, where as, Mega Supreme is designed for high-duty applications. Mega Supreme steel strapping is heat-treated using a Midfield developed process. The result is a product that combines the fine surface and controlled physical properties of cold-rolled strapping with ductility and excellent shock resistence.
Cold rolling gives steel greater strength, permits much closercontrol of thickness and provides a smooth surface. However, it reduces the ductility and the ability to elongate and absorb shocks. These properties are restored to Mega Supreme strapping, through a Midfield heat-treating process. This process yields a superior quality, uniform strapping material with high strength , narrow tolerances, a high yield point, and sufficient
ductility to be bent around sharp corners. Due to its elongation properties and the sizes normally used in rail carloading meet the specifications of the Indian Railways (RDSO).
In the chart to the right, the yield point of Mega supreme is compared to that of standard cold-rolledsteel strapping. A straps yield point is the point at which it starts to stretch so much that it will notreturn to its original length when stress is removed. Compared to conventional cold-rolled steelstrapping, Mega Supreme's high yield strength allows it to elongate further without breaking and absorbs shocks during transit and handling.

Tight tolerances
Mega Supreme strapping is manufactured to strict specifications to ensure the best performance. Our close gauge tolerance yields uniform, dependable strength. Close tolerances of width generate uniform joint strengths in notch-type joints and make seal applicationeasier. Mega supreme has more feet per pound and less variation in coil size, reducing coil changeovers. It's smooth surface increases rust resistance, is safer to handle and extends the service life of strapping tools. And with only 1/2" maximum curvature (camber) allowed in 8 feet (2.4m) of Mega Supreme strapping, it is the preferred strapping for power strapping machines, power strap feeders and other applications requiring straight strapping.

Strap finishes
Mega Supreme steel strapping is available in three finishes:
* Painted finish, used in crimp-type seal systems, generates high joint strength.
* Painted and waxed coated finish facilitates tension transmission around load corners and provides corrosion resistance. It can be used in both crimp and notch-type joints. Waxed strapping is required for feed-wheel type tensioners.
* Zinc and wax coating increases tension transmission and provides outstanding resistance to rust.

Uniform strength
Together, Midfield's close manufacturing tolerances, stringent quality control and strap manufacturing experience combine to produce a uniform, high strength, ductile strapping material. These qualities may enable you to use a lighter Mega supreme strap with lower material costs and less tare weight to save you money on your packaging specifications.

Excellent tension
Mega Supremeā€˜s hard, smooth, low-friction surface enables you to pull straps tighter around cornersto obtain more uniform tension distribution.

Superior joint strength
Mega supreme strap specifications are coordinated with the design of Midfield tools and seals toproduce optimum results when used together.

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