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U-Profile with Single Notch
U-profile with single notch

We can provide U-profiles with one or several notches.

We can provide a wide range of U-profiles with several dimensions and color options, even with printing.
Flooring manufacturers can switch from soft and complicated boxes to rigid U- profiles.
Laminate and furniture producers have noticed the advantages of U-profiles.

As the current trend in packaging is to eliminate unnecessary materials and find a green solution, through product development we are trying to help our customers reach that goal.
The U-profile is a 100% carton board product designed to protect surfaces from scratches and from heavy impacts.
The package still has to look appealing, so we can provide the product in brown or white and even with printing.

*To protect delicate surfaces
*To prevent damage caused by heavy impact
*To support the overall package
*To separate into smaller units
*100% recyclable

U-profileitis can be provided in brown and white. To personalize the product, we can print company names, logos and other advertising texts using up to 4 colours. All our products are 100% carton board, specially designed for double edge protection


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